Things to Keep in Mind before getting Tattoo! In Simple Words : Tattoo is a Permanent Modification on Skin! Getting a permanent Tattoo is a very Conscious Decision! A Tattoo is a piece of Art you carry on your Body for Lifetime. Which can be removed Only if u spend too much of money and take the laser burn pain for it. it’s very Easy to get inked and Very tough to get rid of it. BE WISE, YOU WILL BE WITH IT FOREVER. Mind it.

We are in the 21st Century, Tattooing Industry has evolved way beyond now. You can get a tattoo of whatever u want just keep in mind its Permanent but don’t Overthink. Best to take advice from Expert. (Please Friends with 5-10* tattoos are not called Experts 🙂

Any design you can think of can be made into a beautiful Tattoo. You are more than welcome to bring in your own design or pick one of our hundreds of thousands of designs saved in our System. If you already know what you want, great, it is very simple to convey your idea to our artists. The easiest way is with a picture. It doesn’t matter what the picture is on (t-shirt, book, drawing, wallpaper,…etc.). Even if you can’t draw, our guys still love to do the custom work. Just describe it well or even bring in a stick drawing. We can turn it into your dream tattoo on paper right before your eyes.

Sure, We Love to do that! Every Person on this Earth is different and unique. We need to meet you in person to understand u better and suggest the best tattoo suits you. Trust Us. Thank You. And we Don’t Repeat the same Tattoo Again so that it will be unique as you. Trust your Artist but before that, Research & Choose. – Jason George 21

Existing tattoos can be easily reworked into a fresh work of art. Color can be added to brighten your existing tattoo or with a little creativity even turned into a completely new (although larger) tattoo. Thanks to our Artists & modern possibilities of 21 Tattoo Studio experience, it can all be corrected. Why wait? We fix other tattoo shop’s mistakes every day!

The Cost varies on the size of your tattoo, the complexity, and where you put it on your body. Our prices start at 2000 Indian Rupees and go up from there. We admit WE ARE NOT THE CHEAPEST! Remember, you get what you pay for and only have one chance to get one tattoo on that one spot on your body. Do it right!

In Today’s world, we have alternative cheap options for everything to buy, but there will be a compromise for sure! Today Demand for Getting inked is in a very Large-scale, due to which many people who have no idea about art have also entered into this Business for making easy money so initially, when they start up, they do tattoos for CHEAP so that they can do as many tattoos and get Experience. It’s not possible that Cheap will be the Best! Experience = Quality = Expensive – Jason George 21.

It is very important you get a good night sleep before coming for your tattoo done, One should not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs for at least 24 hours before getting a tattoo. Getting tattoos can be stressful so Please come on a full stomach this will be very helpful during the entire tattoo process. Take Shower and wear clean clothes. Be aware that according to the placement of your tattoo, you may be required to take off certain clothes to make the situation more comfortable, so we suggest carrying a bikini top or shorts in preparation if necessary. You can also carry some Juice/Energy Drink.

21 Tattoo Studio is under the strictest of sanitary conditions. We use a totally disposable tattoo system! Every instrument undergoes sterilization at high-temperature autoclave for approximately one hour before in use for Tattooing. Everything is disposed of after every tattoo, and the entire area is sanitized. Our procedure consists of individually wrapped instruments that are only opened in front of you. (If you choose to go somewhere else, insist on this same procedure.)

YES! Getting tattoo is a painful process. The larger the tattoo the longer it will take to do, so small tattoos hurt less compared to large. If required we have the numbing option it will cut down the pain.

We use the highest quality pigments found in the industry. These pigments are not cheap and not easy to find as many duplicate products available in the market. The reason we have been able to stay in business for so long is because we use nothing but the best. Our work is guaranteed to stay bright and sharp forever but aftercare of the tattoo also matters a lot. In case it fades due to any issue we give a FREE touch up within 6 months of Tattoo.

Time depends on many factors such as size, shape, location, intricacy, design, color, etc. Realism Tattoo is all about skin tone and patience due to too much of detailing and shades. It is the toughest form of tattooing, not easily achieved by every Artist. Realism tattoo takes 10-12* hr session minimum.

Leave your Tattoo wrapped for unto 2 hours.

Wash your hands before touching your new tattoo.

Wash your tattoo with Antibacterial Soap.

Air dry or pat dry with a paper towel.

Apply Nivea Creme after washing whenever your tattoo feels dry.

Repeat the caring Process for 15 to 20 Days.

Do not scratch or pick at your tattoo!

No tanning beds & no prolonged sun Exposure

Stay out of chlorine pools, salt water, & Gym while the tattoo is healing.

Normal showering is ok. Apply Suggested oil before bath.

Pro Tips for after your tattoo is healed : Use lotion regularly to keep your tattoo looking fresh.

Use sunscreen with at least an SPF of 20 during prolonged sun exposure to avoid fading of the tattoo.


Can I get my own Jewelry? Yes, Only if its Gold. Here at 21 Tattoo Studio, we have all surgical steel jewelry and there are many different styles to choose from along with dangling charms and different colored semi-precious stones.

Generally, piercings don’t hurt. The actual piercing only takes seconds. What actually hurt is to keep the jewelry in. So if you handle it with care then it’s all fine.

All our piercings cost between 1000 to 3000 Indian Rupee. That price includes the jewelry, procedure, and individually bagged sterilization of all products.

All our piercings cost between 1000 to 3000 Indian Rupee. That price includes the jewelry, procedure, and individually bagged sterilization of all products.


Are you ready to get a tattoo?


Our Aim is to give our clients a “Quality Service” so that the client will actually understand how special is the feeling of getting a quality tattoo when the world appreciate it.

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